Yakima Valley Wine Tours - The Little Hopper

After many years of providing tours to wineries through the Yakima Valley, the business is being transitioned to be a part of Little Hopper Grapevine Tours and will become ‘Grapevine Tours,’ operated by Wendy King, who is a charming host of high integrity. Those interested in future tours will have a great time with her and her team.
- Eric Miller

Thank you, Eric! We are honored to welcome your Wineries Express customers and look forward to having you along for a tour or two!


Little Hopper Grapevine Wine Tours will include wineries throughout the Yakima Valley and central Washington. We offer guided wine tasting tours of the Yakima, Zillah and Prosser wine tasting regions. Tours available March - October.

Private, personally curated group tours are available throughout the year. These are designed for your personal tastes and desired experiences.

Private tours are $95/person (or minimum of $570 if less than 6 people) plus mileage (high fuel costs!)

As you can see from the Yakima Valley Winery Map, the possibilities are endless and so to keep it all in line, we decided that mileage charge would be best and align with individual tours.

Little Hopper will make all reservations and take care of all details. If you are staying at an Airbnb or VRBO, we can make arrangements to pick you up at that location.

The Little Hopper Grapevine Tour shuttle seats 12 with room for your purchases. We offer bottled/chilled water with some light packaged snacks.

Pricing does not include tasting fees.

To book a tour contact Wendy by calling or texting 509-985-7470 or email her wendy@ridelittlehopper.com.